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So what do I have in common with Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta Jones and Sarah Jessica Parker?

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Ok so it's not looks - I'm learning to knit again.

I know, I run a craft company and my grandparents used to own a wool shop so everyone expects me to knit but I haven't knitted anything since I was a kid, I learnt to sew and that sort of took over.

So why now?

Well I want to create a starter's knitting kit for kids. I see learning again as advantage as I'm looking for new and easy ways of explaining how to knit and now I can look at it as someone new would.


So I've decided to knit this jumper.

Boatneck Jumper

and today my wool arrived which has excited me far more than I expected.

Knitting Wool

I'm hoping to have the jumper finished for my holiday but with the amount I have to do I will probably start it whilst I'm away. If I get any problems I have plenty of people to ask, I come from a long line (strand) of knitters even my late granddad could knit. In fact my great-grandmother taught all her 5 sons to knit, so it can't be that hard (famous last words!). I will keep you posted.

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