*  How many children will each kit cater for? -   Each kit will cater for a group of between 7-10 children.

*  How many kits would I need to cater for a class of 30? - You will need one main kit and 2 refill kits.

*  What does each kit contain?  -  Each kit contains a book of the story, a pop up eco friendly theatre and all of the materials to make the puppets.  For the Young Readers kit there is also a copy of the play.

*  Do I have to buy a new kit each time?  - Once you have bought the main kit you will only need to purchase refill kits for future classes.

*  Have your products been tested in a classroom environment? - Yes all of our products have been tested with the appropriate age groups in a classroom environment which is how we know that the kids and teachers have loved them.

*  How do the kits differ for KS1 and KS2 aged children - The stories are adapted in length to suit the attention span of the intended age group. The craft activities are adapted to suit the dexterity of the age group e.g. the young readers (6-9 year olds) can involve sewing, The kits for KS2 aged children contains sopies of the play of the story. 

*  How easy are the activities? - There are full step by step instructions in an easy to follow format with pictures.

*  Do the kits help with cross-curricular activities? - Yes they are also useful for drama, literacy based activities as well as learning practical skills such as working with templates.  

* What are the benefits of using your kits? - They help develop oral & presentation skills, they are multi-sensory, they help to develop creative and fine motor skills, they increase knowledge retention, help to build confidence,  as well as help to develop team building skills. 

*  Can I do the sessions myself or do I need you to come in and run them? - Yes you can run the sessions yourself but if you would like us to come in we can do that too, please see our creative storytelling page for more info. (add link)

* Can I just buy the books? - Yes and here's the link for you to do just that (add link)

*  My class has children of mixed abilities could they all participate? - Yes this method of learning is good for those with Dyslexia as well as for more severe forms of SEN.

*  Do the kits have safety ratings?  - All our kits have CE markings but they should not be used with children under 3 years of age.

*  How do the kits cut down on my preparation time? - In addition to the fully illustrated instructions we also include teachers notes that are packed with other follow on activities linked to the subject as well as details of website or books that we have used during our research. 

*  If I booked you for a storytelling session do you only do your stories or can we choose the story that you tell? - We can do either and can develop a session to suit your needs.

*  How long does it take to get the kits from the time of ordering? - it takes 3-5 days from the date of payment, for more info see our delivery details (add link)

*  Is there a minimum order? - No there is no minimum order required.