World Book Day For Schools

How is your World Book Day planning going?

Oh dear not there yet. Don't worry if you book storytelling sisters and authors Tonya and Natasha to come into school and run a story writing or puppet making workshop by 14th December you will receive £50 off plus a set of Pojo's Adventures story books.

But isn't that still going to be expensive?

No with our cashback offer for every book we sell on the day we will give you £1 that you can use to help pay for the workshop or on more literacy resources and training. For example if we sell 50 books you get £50. The more you hep to promote the book sale, the more books we sell, the more money you have to spend.

What about getting the parents involved?

We can run a FREE Parent Workshop at the end of the day to help parents develop stories with children.

But hurry there is only a limited number of slots left!!!

Either call 01488 468901 or