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Children who enjoy writing are 7 times more likely to write above their expected age!

We understand getting children to write independently and write for pleasure is a big challenge but here's where we can help you:

Children love meeting real authors and they love hearing how they write so having an author run a creative writing workshop in your school backs up all the things you've been telling - probably 'till you're blue in the face!  But hearing it from us seems to make it all right.  Through our workshops, resources and online writing club we can help you inspire the children to become engaged with writing.

So why not get in touch and let us help you inspire your class - who knows you might just have the next JK Rowling!


Who are we?

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We are scribbling sisters Tonya Meers and Natasha Dennis, award-winning authors of a range of stories about Pojo, a little dog with itchy paws who goes on adventures whilst teaching children about curriculum topics. We run writing workshops based on our stories and we have developed a range of teaching resources to accompany our books helping you plan engaging lessons. We have won multiple awards for our resources and training.

We also run an online writing club for kids called ScribblerZone with lots of writing activities; competitions with the chance to be published every month; masterclasses  to take kids from enthusiastic writer to publishable authors and author interviews.

With all our workshops we give you a free membership to ScribblerZone to help carry on inspiring your students long after a workshop has finished, you can effectively have an author in residence.

We aim to help as many children as possible enjoy writing by making it fun and engaging. Their writing skills will develop faster which means they will write above their expected level.

We believe that whatever the children you teach want to do in life, the sky's the limit if they can write well.

So check out our workshops including virtual workshops and resources 


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