About US

About Us
Tonya Meers     and    Natasha Dennis

Chief Storyteller         The Crafty Chief


We are Natasha (The Crafty Chief) and Tonya (Chief Storyteller), we are sisters and together we run Little Creative Days.

We have developed a range of educational creative storytelling kits that will not only help you cut down on that all important preparation time but also help the children you teach to retain the knowledge they have been taught for longer.

The idea came to us when Natasha started going into the local school to do storytelling and craft sessions. The teachers and nursery owners loved what she did and so did the kids. Tonya it seemed had a hidden talent for writing children's stories and they knew that together they could develop something to benefit both the teachers and the children.

We know that the best way for children to learn is to have fun whilst they are doing it and what better way of learning literacy and other subjects than through stories and creative activities.

We have seen for ourselves the benefits our creative storytelling kits have brought to the classroom. The children have learnt so much about the subjects we've covered. When we've gone back into a setting they tell us even more about what they have learnt, they have really been inspired and often they have created their own stories using the puppets.  The children have experienced a real sense of achievement in creating their puppets and have loved putting on a show for everyone.  It has given some confidence and others focus.

We've also included Teachers' notes that provide other follow on literacy and craft based activities linked to the stories as well as useful information we have come across whilst researching information for the stories. In addition we also send out a free monthly creative literacy activity sheet which has a creative and literacy project for the month to give you further inspiration. You can also find other free projects on our blog  

So if you would like to see how our creative literacy resources can help you in the classroom head over to our shop page  or if you would like to sign up for the free creative literacy activity sheet please complete the link with your email details and we'll make sure you don't miss out.  


Tonya & Natasha