Fiction Express 3 Week Free Trial

3 Week Free Trial

Fiction Express for Schools offers a 3-week free trial period so you can try out this fantastic resource. Each week you will have access to the latest chapter for your students to login read and then vote as to what happens next in the ebook. Fiction Express publishes 3 brand new e-books each half term at different levels: reading age 6+, 8+ and 10+. The stories are carefully read and checked for reading level by a primary teacher and a literacy consultant. 

To register please fill in the form below. 

Once your registration has been accepted you will receive a registration confirmation email from Fiction Express containing the school’s unique Teacher Code and Student Code. 

The remaining teachers and the students can then register individually using the Teacher and Student Codes provided and by following the appropriate link from the 'Sign Up' page. Alternatively teachers can register multiple students by uploading an Excel file to the 'Students' area of their 'My Account' (once logged in to the website). Once students are registered they will be able to vote individually each week. 

You can cancel your subscription without charge if you decide that the service does not suit you. If you register during a period in which there are no live e-books (or partway through a live e-book and select to wait until the new ones launch), your 3-week trial period will be extended to week 3 of the new e-books. 

If you wish to cancel your subscription during this period, simply log in to the website, scroll down to the 'Cancel subscription' section and hit the 'Unsubscribe' button. 

If you choose to continue with your subscription, an invoice will be automatically emailed to you following week 3 of your chosen e-books. This is payable in 14 days. You will not be sent an invoice if you choose to cancel during the three-week free trial period. 

Please note, the 3-week trial period is not available through RM Unify.

Please click here to see full terms and conditions.

3 Week Free Trial of Fiction Express
  • Please see the link above the form for full details of the terms and conditions.: