Workshops for Parents

Get a FREE workshop for parents when you book one of Pojo literacy workshops


As much as we encourage parents to read with their children not all parents feel able to do so for a variety of reasons; English may not be their first language; they may be dyslexic; feel embarrassed reading out loud or just struggle to find the time juggling the demands of multiple children.


We can teach parents a variety of games they can play with their children to make up stories. The games can be played in all sorts of places such as in the car, in a restaurant or waiting in a queue. The games have been built up from our experience and training as storytellers in schools and nurseries.

The games are to designed to help children develop their vocabulary, speaking, listening, story writing and imaginations.


Parent sessions are FREE when you book one of our Pojo literacy workshops for children. To find out more about the literacy workshops we run in schools and nurseries please click here.


Parent sessions last for one hour and can be run at the end of the school day.

Parent workshops can also be booked on their own at a cost of £150 plus expenses.