Literacy Boosting Fundraising Ideas

Literacy Boosting Fundraising Ideas

You are busy planning next term's topic and you really want to kick off with a 'WOW' moment something to really get the children inspired. The light bulb goes on, you have the brilliant idea of having a visitor into school. Oh but then you realise you don't have the budget.Don't worry we have some ideas to help you raise funds and literacy at the same time.

1. Run a spelling bee

Get the children to raise sponsorship for the number of words they can spell. The difficulty can be varied to suit abilities. We recently had a school do this the term before we went in to run a story writing workshop to raise funds for it.

2. Poet's Corner

The children pay to enter their poems into the competition. The poems could be used for a poetry evening for parents to attend for a donation.

3. Get cashback on workshops

Have the authors from Little Creative Days in to run a literacy workshop to inspire the children to write stories and earn £1 for every signed copy of the books they sell. If 50 children buy books the school will receive £50 towards literacy resources, staff training or towards the cost of the workshop. The more children in school that buy books the more the school earns.To find out more go to

4. Readathon

Run a sponsored reading challenge.

5. Book sale

Get the children and parents to donate books and buy some new ones.

6. Publish a book

Why not collect the stories the children have written after a story writing workshop and produce a book. You may find your local bookshop will help you sell them. We've certainly have had stories produced in our workshops worthy of being published. 

Why not run a writing competition and publish the winners.

My expectations were more than met. I really appreciated the support you gave to our writing competition. The theme of this year’s competition was inspired by your book and puppets and it was fantastic listening to the story being told, not read. Thank you.

Jill Stevens Collingbourne Primary.

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