Our Stories

Our Stories

Pojo is a little dog who gets itchy paws and goes off on exciting adventures. These entertaining educational stories are a great way for children to learn educational topics. Each story is adapted for 3-6 and 7-10 year olds. Discover Pojo's adventures.

Pojo and the Chest of Dreams

Pojo is caught in a storm and finds himself rescued by Captain Goodheart who is in search of the Chest of Dreams. The Chest of Dreams is a special chest that only grants a wish to those who have been good, but can Pojo and Goodheart find the chest before the evil Captain Blackeye and his crew?

Pojo Saves the Rainforest

Pojo finds himself in the rainforests of Costa Rica where he meets Mono, a Howler Monkey, Cedro the Sloth, Toco the Toucan and has a close encounter with Alfredo the Alligator. But can he save his new friends’ homes from those ‘metal monsters’?

Pojo and King Tut Tut's Lost Treasure

Pojo and his friend, Caz the camel, find themselves in ancient Egypt where they meet Howard an archaeologist. Find out if they track down the stolen treasure from King Tut Tut's tomb and end a centuries old curse. 

Pojo Blows the Gunpowder Plot

Pojo is transported back to 1605 where he meets Thomas Percy, King James I’s bodyguard, but does Thomas have the King’s best interests at heart and will Pojo be able to protect the King from Guy Fawkes or will there be fireworks?

Pojo and The Knights of Chepstow Castle

Pojo finds himself on the banks of the River Wye next to Chepstow Castle but will the Earl of Hereford make Pojo a knight in his army or will his jousting skills let him down. Will Hugh Montecute win the hand of Lady Emma, the Earl’s daughter or will Ralph De Gael win the day? 

Pojo's Roman Conquest

Pojo’s itchy paws lead him to a day out at an amphitheatre where he meets an adopted boy called Augustus. But, does Pojo survive a close encounter with a panther, will he be able to win Gladiator Crispus his freedom from Rufus’ bullying ways and just who will win the chariot race?