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Unlike traditional schemes, Livello adopts a thematic approach by using picture books and texts as an exciting springboard for learning. Many teachers have been used to this approach in Foundation Subjects and Science but have found it more difficult to find inspiring approaches particularly in maths.

·  Yearly maths and English overviews of the new curriculum which highlight the module’s coverage ·  A 6 week medium term plan which clearly structures the objectives and provides a manageable focus for the learning ·  A range of engaging maths and English activities inspired by the selected book

Livello Light

Livello Light modules are based on picture books in the same way as Livello. The activities are written as suggested springboards to learning – hence ‘light’.

We have chosen different double page spreads of the book as starting points for learning, and then two maths and two English ideas linked to the pages have been written to inspire your teaching.

There are 20 maths ideas and 20 English ideas to be a springboard for the learning.

150418 Little Livello Logo For each of the three picture books there are 4 teacher led activities and 12 further learning opportunities based on the book for maths and the same for English. You may want to use the ‘further learning opportunities’ as whole class introductions during the week, giving you the chance to model the learning and expected language.




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