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Save yourself loads of planning time with our Creative Literacy Teacher Resource Packs.

Creative literacy is all about using creative activities to inspire literacy. Creativity and literacy are natural partners. By creating something tangible children can interact, retell a story, adapt a story and invent a whole story from they have made as it gives them something real to describe.

Creative Literacy has a wide range of benefits rather over teaching D&T and Literacy separately:

  • Helps develop communication and language and encourages those reluctant writers and speakers
  • Increases engagement
  • Increases knowledge retention after all we can all remember stories from our childhood.
  • Promotes inclusivity through being multi-sensory
  • Develops skills for the future, storytelling and creative thinking are highly in demand by businesses
  • It cross curricular helping you squeeze more into the time you have. Whilst helping you teach topics in an engaging and memorable way.

All the activities are based on a story book written by our authors Tonya Meers and Natasha Dennis which included in the pack. They have won multi awards for their creative literacy approach.

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Puppets play a big part of creative literacy. Children become very attached to the characters they have made which encourage those reluctant speakers and writers so we now include puppet making templates in patterns in the resource packs. Also at KS2 a play version of the story is also included. There is also a SEN version for each topic so that those less dextrous can create the simpler puppets along with those more able using the KS2 patterns and templates which involves some sewing. The activities can from both packs can be mixed and match as the story is the same albeit simplified for EYFS and KS1.

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