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Welcome to Pojo's Story Showcase, we love to celebrate the amazing stories that are created through our products or in our workshops and want to share them here. 

Overall Winner Pojo's Writing Competition 2018 - Yursa Ahmed Age 9 Scarisbrick Hall School

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This incredible adventure began with my owner going to school. Her name is Yusra. Now I don't know how you would feel but when your owner goes to school and her Mum and Dad have gone off to some daily shopping you can't help but feel that you ought to creep outside and go off for a little adventure. That's what my stry is about. Anyway I am a doll and apparently my owner named me Roseabella. So I am that's right a doll named Roseabella! I think I've told you quite alot about myself now to get on with the story....

I slink off as stealthily as a tiger, to the front door and get out of the post box. We live quite near the woods so I crept in to there. WHOOOOOSH! A massive portal stood before me. Unfortunately my curiosity got the better of me. The portal was huge I stood before it and stepped into it.

Like all portals I wooshed through with streaks of colours around me. However, unlike other portals I came to a sudden halt right in the middle of the portal! The colours wooooshed around me still. All of a sudden I became afraid I wished more than ever that Yursa would come back from school to comfort me, but I knew that wouldn't happen. A booming voice spoke to me, "I have chosen you!" said the voice. What! a talking portal! Nonsense! I thought then the portal said, "Pick a tunnel." I saw two black tunnels I chose the one to the left.

Suddenly I found myself in .... fairyland! Fairies were flying all over the place pegasus were flying around the mossy fields. Boom! The mesmerising sight vanished a strike of lightning flashed in the midnight black sky.

In the center there seemed to be some sort of evil witch casting spells! A hand grabbed me and pulled me into a small cottage. "Psst," said a voice I jumped it was a fairy, "I am Wendy the weather fairy. Who are you?"

"I am a doll named Roseabella," I replied I asked Wendy that if she was a weather fairy why wasn't she controlling the weather. She told me that she lost her weather gem which controlled the weather.

"Well then, let's find your gem," I cried. We began to search by the beach it was hard without the lovely bright sun. I saw a yellow shine I race up to it it was a yellow gem! "Is this it," I cried. "It is," shouted Wendy. I gave Wendy her gem Wendy fied the sky. Pop! the portal appeared, "Wait!" cried Wendy, "Take this bag of fairy dust and this wand. I you sprinkle fairy dust over you you can return to fairy land and the wand is a water wand you can control water, bye."  "Goodbye," I cried I stepped into the portal.

I did not end up at home. I found myself spinning back in time!

Ridiculous as it sounds I was spinning back in time this time in a massive vortex! I was surrounded by blackness with colourful stars of yellow, blue, silver, red, orange and pink with gigantic galaxies but I could breathe it was quiet - no silent - no wait it was dead silent! I just couldn't keep conscious it was so dreamy. I felt like a tiny doll surrounded by spaciousness I had to close my eyes, I mean you've just got to when it's this silent. This lifeless place was like a prison no fun at all!

That horrid feeling gripped me it felt like hours since I arrive and I certainly did not like it. This 'prison' was awful do you support I got vaporised in a star - no because I wouldn't be telling you all this now which is a sign that I made it out alive which is good. However, the experience wasn't pleasant I tried to say "hello," but I found that I couldn't say anything. So there I was just wafting and spinning with a nearly unconscious mind everything was dizzy and a blur.

Then I saw the end of the vortex, 'hurray' I thought (because I couldn't speak) it was hard without my brain fully in gear but I managed to steer myself to the end of the portal/vortex I was sucked up through the vortex.

I found myself curled up on sand. Sand! wait what! I stood up straight I could speak again but I didn't dare to. The real question was where was I, no when was I. I was sure I had time travelled but I did not know at the time. A huge mammoth pyramid saying Ancient Egypt loomed over me. Ancient Egypt I thought I've travelled back over 100 years.

Men were walking everywhere with giant sand blocks they seemed to be building a new pyramid. Nobody has seen me yet when a man saw and me and cried to the other men something I couldn't understand. All f a sudden the men grabbed me and threw me to the ground then they picked me up again and carried me to one of the biggest pyramids and there on a huge throne sat a boy!

I guessed he was King Pharoh, but hold on a sec he looked tired, no red and thirsty! Immediately I grabbed my wand and said, "Water, water reveal yourself come out and restore everyone's health." I know it is quite a silly spell (I just made it up that very second). Surprisingly water gushed out everybody ran to drink it. Their tomator red cheeks went back to their normal colour. Everyone seemed to be thanking me and King Pharoh did as well.

One of the men gave me a mini pyramid and I could understand the Ancient Egyptian language. Everyone cried three cheers for water.

Suddenly the portal appeared I stepped in despite the last experience the port told me I succeeded my mission.

This time I ended up in my own house and no time had passed. I wondered if everything was a dream, but no I found the wand, dust and pyramid in my left pocket. Hmm I thought left tunnel, left pocket.

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    A nice story from little Yusra. She appears to have a good imaginative mind and passion for ancient times. Well done and deserved the best prize.

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