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7 years + Winner Pojo Writing Competition 2018 - Isabella Potton Whitehall Park School

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The Mystery of the Missing Toy


Once upon a time there was an obedient girl named Sandy. She was as good as gold. Sandy was in her tidy bedroom playing with her favourite toy, Mr Teddy. Mr Teddy was so old and had huge black buttons for eyes and a small button for his miniscule nose.


Sandy was just about to have a delightful tea party with Mr Teddy but suddenly her mum called and said that it was time for school.


“Bye Mr Teddy” Sandy sighed.


When Sandy got to school she missed Mr Teddy so much but back at home there was a rustle in Sandy’s bedroom. Surprisingly, Mr Teddy had come to life!


Sandy also had a second favourite toy, Sheepy. Mr Teddy went over to the old and dented box where Sandy kept Sheepy but Sheepy was gone!


“Where oh where could Sheepy be?” Mr Teddy said to himself. Then Mr Teddy saw a creased map on the floor. It told him how to find Sheepy. Mr Teddy picked it up off the dusty floor and started to read it out loud.


Step one, is it soft and gentle Sheepy you’re looking for? The first place you need to go is under the floor, there’s a trap door! Mr Teddy already had a pretty good idea of where it was under Sandy’s bed.


Mr Teddy quickly went under Sandy’s bed and jumped. He fell through darkness and landed on a green cushion. It was in a dark and smelly tunnel! He started to follow the curvy paths but soon he came across three different ones. One had pink stars on it, the other one had green hearts on it and the final one had blue polka dots on it.


He looked at the map again. Step two, are you wondering which path to take? Then take the one with polka dots.


So Mr Teddy started to follow the polka dot path. Then he came across a bunch of clouds. Each one had a number on it.


So he read the next clue. Step three, are you wondering which number to pick? Then pick number 13 but hurry quick, quick.


So Mr Teddy started at number 1 and finally reached number 13. Then surprisingly he felt the cloud move.


Mr Teddy was amazed that a cloud could move but he wondered where the unusual cloud was taking him.


Finally, he was at a garden but they didn’t know whose garden it was, he only knew that it was a garden. So Mr Teddy started to explore but he didn’t know what to do first so he read the next clue.


Step four, are you wondering what to do? Then explore the roses, bushes, animals and the big Oak Tree!


First, Mr Teddy went to explore the roses.  They smelt like smelly socks. “Why on earth would some roses smell like smelly socks?” Mr Teddy remarked.


But Mr Teddy had to get on with his mission.


Then, he went to explore the bushes, all the leaves were different colours. How absurd is that?! But he had better move on as Sandy was going to be back from school in a few minutes’ time.


Next, he started to explore the animals. It was strange because the horse went mmoooo, the cow went nnaayy, the dog went miow and the cat went woof, woof!


Finally, he went over to explore the big Oak Tree which was very old. There was a hole in the middle so Mr Teddy decided to climb through the hole. When he got in there it was full of crunchy brown leaves and then he saw something on the ground.


It was Sheepy! “What brought you here?” Mr Teddy asked confused. “Sandy left me here when we had a tea party.” She said.


“Well we had better get home.” Mr Teddy said.


So Sheepy and Mr Teddy walked through the garden, jumped on the clouds, rushed along the path, up through the trap door and they were home.


All was well!



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