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Welcome to Pojo's Story Showcase, we love to celebrate the amazing stories that are created through our products or in our workshops and want to share them here. 

Pojo Going in the Future on a Desert Island - by Zain Shah - Year 2 Hallfied School

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Once upon a time there was a little dog called Pojo and he wanted to go on a trip to the future! He wanted to go somewhere that was dangerous. Pojo needed to find something he could travel in. Pojo found a time machine and it didn't work. Pojo got some tools and fixed the time machine. He opened the door and closed the door, that meant he got in it! He turned the clock and the time machine moved to the future. He got on a beautiful desert island. 

It was a desert island with a rainbow on, an unusual island. Pojo found some friends on the island which were friendly! One was called Teco, one was called Mono and one was called Croco. Pojo wasn't used to this island but his friends showed him around. Pojo said, "Thanks."

Pojo has to get back to Sam but he doesn't know how to. Pojo thought and thought but he just couldn't think. Suddenly he had an idea but it went! Also human monsters were attacking. Pojo was worried. Croco said, "Cheer up lad."

Pojo stopped and thought. He had an idea this time it didn't float away! Pojo called the animals and insects. They ran to the human monsters and scared them away. 

All the animals cheered but they were sad, very sad because Pojo needed to get back to Sam. Croco's tears dropped down his eye. as Pojo left he gave a note to the animals and insects which was saying "Thank you for showing me around the island and it was nice to meet you guys! I hope I will come back again." 

Pojo went into the time machine. 

The End

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