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Welcome to Pojo's Story Showcase, we love to celebrate the amazing stories that are created through our products or in our workshops and want to share them here. 

Pojo Went to Sea - by Matthew Chung - Year 1 Hallfield School

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Pojo was asleep with Sam, his paws was itchy. Then he quietly slid off the bed. He was near the sea and something made him jump, it was a ghost. After he dived under and saw a shark. Pojo swam to land but the ghost made him jump into the water. Then the shark nearly ate him. After a dolphin came and helped Pojo. Then he got onto a boat. 

After the dolphin ate the shark. He was safe now and he said thank you to the dolphin. He changed to a speed boat, he tried it and it was really fast, he was so happy. The dolphin was happy too so he squirted water and then he did a loop. Pojo saw another dolphin. After the dolphin that Pojo saw he did a loop.

Pojo asked "what time is it?" 

"It is seven o'clock."

Pojo said "It's past my bed time. I have to go home."

So he went home and went to sleep. Then finally he was at home so he went to bed and his paws was so so so itchy. Then he was dreaming about pirates. After he fought a real and scary pirate and then he was smiling at Sam. 

The End

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