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Welcome to Pojo's Story Showcase, we love to celebrate the amazing stories that are created through our products or in our workshops and want to share them here. 

Pojo and the Shark - by Anshi Mehta Year 1 Hallfield School

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Once upon a time there was a dog called Pojo. Whenever his paw got itchy it's time for an adventure. 

Today Pojo wakes up, runs out the door and finds himself in a beautiful place with coral. He sees lots of fish and dolphin around. He explores the ocean and plays with the seahorses. He sees more coral and more and more. He saw fishes in seaweed, clownfish hiding in coral and eels were in the rocks. Pojo didn't understand what was happening. 

"What's wrong?" he asked the fish but fish said "ahh!" So he turned around and saw a shark. Pojo said "help!" A dolphin saw up and got him and they swam to a shipwreck to hide. The sharks went away and Pojo found a magic button which took him home. 

The End

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