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Welcome to Pojo's Story Showcase, we love to celebrate the amazing stories that are created through our products or in our workshops and want to share them here. 

St Bartholomews School - Cygnets and Owls Classes

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We ran a creative literacy workshop at St Bartholomews School in Wotton Basset with two reception classes. We made shoes to inspire the children to come up with stories about lost shoes. We helped them scribe their stories which we present here for your entertainment. 

Cygnet Class

Lyssa - I'm in my bedroom and I lost my shoe. I looked all over the house, in the bathroom, in my brothers bedroom, I couldn't find it so I had to hop everywhere. When I went to bed I found my shoe is was there all the time!

Samuel - I'm in the play park, playing when my shoe flipped over the fence. A squirrel finds it and runs off with it. He tried on and it fitted him. I tickled him with a stick and fell out of the tree. I climbed up the tree and got my shoe back.

Jessica - I'm in the park when I lost my shoe. It fell off when I was walking. It waggled off and it flew away because it had a feather on it. I walked all the away home and found my shoe as it had flown home.

Lucy - I lost my shoe in the ocean when I was having a paddle in the sea. It floated and a mermaid found it. She swam back and gave me my shoe back.

Kian - I'm at home playing with my monster truck when my shoe slipped off and a big bad wolf came into my house and snuck off with my shoe all the way back to his house. He sneaks back and brings it back to me.

Jamie - I'm in the playground playing on the swing, when my shoe flies off and goes into a tunnel. A little creature finds it. It's spiky with little eyes. He takes my shoe underground. The spiky creature feel bad about taking my shoe. He comes back to the swing wearing my shoe.

Freya - I'm in the park, on the swing, my shoe slips off and it goes far away into a magical world. A fairy finds it and it fits her perfectly but she brings it back to me.

Owl Class

Finley - I'm at the mountains. A guard took my shoes. He took the shoe to the zoo and a giraffe had a nibble at it. Next a lion ate it but fortunately spat it out. My shoe then went on a train ride before the guard brought it back!

Ruth - I was at my friend's house playing with her cat but her cat ate my shoe! But she spat it out but someone else found it. Lots of people tried it on until they got to my house and it fitted me.

Alf - I was in Africa when someone took my shoe into a cave. Someone else took the shoe back to his house. My shoe went on a train. A passenger asked who the shoe belonged to. Lots of people tried the shoe, but an elephant took the shoe with his trunk. But I got it back eventually.

Cleo - I was on the bus, to Grandma's house. I lost it on the bus, someone pick it up and put it where someone saw it. I was hopping around before I found it on a table.

Jack - I was at a volcano playing with my shoe but it fell into the lava. Someone pick it up because they had ice feet so they could walk on lava and got my shoe back.

Holly Mai - I was in the mountains when my shoe fell down the mountain. A helicopter came along but it flew off and went on to a table, I went on a walk and found it.

Nicole - I was in the cinema watching a movie. I dropped it under the stairs. Someone on the stage found it I got to see the people in the show. I met lots of famous people and got my shoe back.

Sam - I was at the fire station meeting the firemen. I was running and my shoe came off. The fireman see it but he gets call out on an emergency and my shoe goes with him before he brings it back.

Kayla - I was in a deep dark forest. I was climbing a tree when my shoes falls off and ends up in a pile of leaves. Someone comes along and asks who the shoe belongs to. They knew it was my shoe because it's such a lovely shoe.

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