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POJO'S WRITING COMPETITION 2019 - HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Day I Got Lost in the Rainforest by Xena Hartwell Age 9

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One day I was off on a camping trip with my family, the place we were staying at was near the rain forest. My mum told me not go far because I might get lost. Later, my dad asked me to go and collect wood for the fire, ready to roast marshmallows on. So off I went looking everywhere for the best sticks I could find. After what felt like seconds, I suddenly felt a splash of water on the tip of my nose, so I decided to head back to the caravan site.  When I looked up, I was shocked to find that I was surrounded by greenery, I realized I was in the middle of the rain forest!

Filled with panic, I started to walk back the way I thought I had come, then something caught my eye. When I looked at it, it turned out to be a beautiful butterfly, then I discovered that it wasn’t a normal butterfly because she could talk.

“Who are you looking for? “ she asked

“My mum and dad. “ I found myself replying.

“This poem might help you.”

You have walked deep into the rainforest

Start with the broadest

Then the smallest.

A couple of moments later, the beautiful butterfly disappeared into the clear, blue sky. I stood there feeling puzzled, I found a tree to lean up against and wondered what the poem meant. I looked at the tree I was leaning against and thought to myself, this must be the broadest tree in the rainforest. Broadest, that’s what it said in the poem maybe the butterfly meant the trees.


I carried on walking from the broadest trees to the smallest ones, until in the distance I could see my caravan site, I was delighted to see I was almost back. I ran and ran until I came to a river which was very muddy, to my surprise in the middle sitting there was a family of crocodiles. I screamed for help and then a couple of moments later a pair of spider monkeys swung down from the tree, one of them spoke to me too.

“I will carry you over the lake by swinging from the trees.”

“Are you sure?” I said in disbelief.

“Yes, the sooner you get on my back the sooner you’ll get back.”

“OK let’s go.”

As we swung, I collected the sticks, and before I knew it we were at the other side.

“Thankyou” I said, and off I went. I could see my caravan getting closer by the second.

Finally, I got to my family I hugged them tight and told them about what happened in the rainforest but the only person that believed me was my brother Xander.

As we sat down by the fire the butterfly that told me the poem landed on my arm, I tapped Xander and he looked, the butterfly winked at us and then said, ‘you did it’. My brother stared in amazement.

In the distance we could see the monkeys that helped me, we stared at them then our mum and dad asked;

“What are you looking at?”

“Nothing. “ we both said quickly whilst giving each other a cheeky smile.

I wondered and hoped that Xander and I could meet some more animals later in the week and enjoy another little adventure together.

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