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POJO'S WRITING COMPETITION 2019 - HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Day I Got Lost in the Rainforest by Dua Zahara aged 9

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This terrifying day I was petrified to the bone. I got lost in a deep, dark rainforest. “How did it all start?” You’re probably thinking, oh! don’t get me started on that. Well, I guess telling you that would be a pleasure. It all started when I went on holiday to Brazil with my little brother Aly and both my parents.

Our lovely caravan was right next to the Amazon rainforest where I used to play every day [even if it was raining!] But I had to go with my dad and my little brother because it was not safe to go alone.

One fine morning, I woke up without seeing my dad hugging me. I ran up to my mum asking her where he had gone and my mum calmly said that he went to a friend’s house. I wanted to go to the rainforest but I had to ask my brother first. Apparently, he was watching television and refused to join me in the rainforest. I burst into tears because I wanted to go as I loved the rainforest. Luckily my mum said that I could go by myself and I made my way after breakfast, even though I was a bit scared.

I dared to go inside and play for a bit. I turned around to wave goodbye to my mum and before I said goodbye, I realised there was a monkey standing behind me as if he/ she wanted me to follow him/ her. Curiously, I decided to follow the monkey. As I cleverly got the leftover bread from breakfast so I made a little passage with the bread that would lead me if I got lost.

Well, I did get lost and the bread didn’t work out as I thought it would, because on the way all the birds had eaten it and I was completely lost.

I started to panic and I didn’t remember a single step I took. (By the way, the reason the monkey called me was, because one of the monkey’s family members had died). I was completely doomed!

I really wanted to cry but at the same time I wanted to act brave in front of the monkeys so they don’t attack me and stay scared of me. In fact, they were so kind that they helped me with survival and got some fruits for me from the trees. It was getting darker and scarier so I decided to go and sleep in some shelter.

 When I woke up, there was a horrible Python in front of me! I was ultra petrified now because all the things that had already happened to me had worn me out enough and now this! I said to myself  in my head, “today and yesterday are probably the worst days of my life.” I ran quicker than I had ever run in my life. Finally the Python was out of sight but it could still come so I kept running fast, looking back at the same time to see where the Python was. Accidentally, I hit a tree on my head and fainted because of that.

When I woke up, I was so relieved to see both my parents and my little brother’s faces in front of me, trying to wake me up whilst I was in the ambulance. I couldn’t believe my eyes but I was actually saved!


The End

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