Storytelling and Workshops


What if a school visit could be more than a nice thing to do for the children?

What if it could raise literacy standards?

What if it could engage all the pupils including those with SEN?

What if it could also help teach a curriculum topic?

Our workshops will get children engaged with stories and inspire them to tell and write their own stories, whatever their age. We work with children as young as 3 through to KS1 and KS2. Plus for you there is no stress and no preparation as we have done it all for you.

"The children really enjoyed the story which was told to them. They all listened attentively and answered all the questions put to them.The story was age appropriate and captured the children's imagination. The storyteller was very calm with the children and made sure every child had a turn in the discussion. The children also enjoyed making puppets, with the storyteller re-capping the story as the children made the puppets. Everything was well organised."

Senior Nursery Leader, Avenue Day Nursery.

“It was the children’s reactions to the whole concept that made my day. It helped with literacy, creativity, storytelling, concentration and fine motor skills and it was engaging and fun for everyone.”
 Eifron Watkinson, Asst Head of Addington Special School.

 “That was the most fantastic lesson I have ever had!”  Child aged 8 at Shalborne School

 creative storytelling  

Storytelling has been used as a way of teaching since early civilization and it can be just as powerful a teaching today's curriculum.

Our stories cover topics from history and geography curriculums.

The benefits of teaching through storytelling include:

  • Improves oracy and literacy by increasing their knowledge and use of language. The characters can also give them the starting point for their own stories.
  • Increased knowledge retention and deeper understanding of the topic as the story gives pupils a framework for their memories.
  • Engages all pupils including those with SEN as it is a multi sensory approach.

We offer author visits and puppet making workshops. The puppet making workshops also cover aspects of the art and design and design tecnology curriculums.

For information on us a authors please see our Meet the Authors page.

We also run workshops for teachers and pupils on storytelling, creative literacy and writing fiction. We are always happy to tailor workshops to your requirements. For more information please see our Workshops page.

We are also happy to do public speaking at events or meetings.