Top 10 Tips For Getting The Most Out of School Workshops

1. Do your homework – ask what the workshop is going to cover and how it is going to be structured.

2. Be clear what you want – tell the workshop provider what you want to get out of it, how much the children already know, what your topic is and how the workshop is going to fit into that.

3. Participate yourself – just because you haven’t had to prep it you do still need to be involved as you know your students the best. Who needs more help? Especially those with SEN, the workshop provider won’t know who has SEN and the techniques they need to learn so your help on the day will make a big difference to everyone involved.

4. Make your visitors welcome – they turn up at a new place every day not knowing where anything is or who anyone is, it’s like starting a new job every day.

5. Make sure they can park they will probably have lots of resources to carry. Show them around so they can find the loo and make a coffee.

6. Make parents are aware who is coming in. Some workshop providers will invite parents in at the end of the day to see what the children have been doing. Some will also provide parent workshops.

7. Make the other teachers aware of who is coming in and why, there is nothing worse than being in a staff room where everyone is looking at you suspiciously not knowing who they are talking to.

8. Don’t change numbers at the last minute – workshop providers will have planned and brought resources they can’t just magic more resources if you decide to add in another class.

9. Make sure they know where to find you or who to ask if they have a problem if you’re busy.

10. Make a good impression – we like to leave the kids with a smile on their face and feeling inspired and it’s great when a school we visit leaves us feeling like that too!

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