How to prepare for a visit

Thank you for asking us to visit you. To make sure everything goes smoothly and the children get the most out of our visit, it would be helpful if you could do a few things in advance.

In advance:

Think about the space to be used. We will need space for the storytelling this may be the whole class together - where can they all sit comfortably with the least amount of distractions. If we are going to be doing a puppet making workshop we will need space for a group of 7-10 children to do this, we may be using glue and paint so somewhere with a sink is ideal, preferably where the children won't be distracted by the rest of class as it will spoil it for later groups.

We would like for the children to have the opportunity to buy signed copies of our books for which you will receive a credit note for £1 for every book we sell. Before the session we will send you a letter to give to parents to let them know that we are coming.

If possible we would like to take photographs during the session. In the week before we arrive we will send you a letter to give to parents asking their permission for us to use the photographs.

Prepare the children in advance before the session.  We will send you an ebook of the story we will be using if you would like to show it to them first. It's always nice if they have prepared some questions for us.

On the day

Please make sure the person organising the session is going to be there. Nothing makes us more nervous then turning up somewhere, where people don't know you are coming and what to do with you. We will need a few minutes to prepare the puppet making materials.

Let us know where we are going to be on the day and how we get there. Also is there any arrangements for lunch.

Please let us know if anyone does not have permission to be photographed.

Please let us know if anyone is allergic to anything we may use.

Please make sure a teacher or teaching assistant is around throughout the sessions, you know the children better than we do.

Try to minimise distractions during the storytelling if you are engaged so will the children be.

You will receive an invoice on the day if you can arrange payment for the date that would be great, if not please arrange for it to be paid promptly and we will love you forever.