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Creative Writing Workshops for Children

Do you often wonder how to inspire children to want to write?  

Well our workshops are guaranteed to engage children with stories and inspire them to tell and write their own stories, whatever their age.

We can work with children as young as 3 through to KS3 and because we've done all the preparation there's no additional stress for you! 


Workshops can be based on our stories or be general creative writing workshops covering specific aspects of writing. Our stories cover topics from the history and geography curriculums.


As well as workshops in schools we offer virtual workshops and workshops for festivals and events.


Plus you'll also get:


A free membership to ScribblerZoneour online writing club giving them continued inspiration;


A resource pack with 6 lessons based on one of our stories from our multi award winning range;


Also you can raise funds, you will receive £1 for each book that we sell.


Enjoying writing is so important because children who enjoy writing are 7 times more likely to write above their expected age!  But, we also understand that getting children to write independently and write for pleasure is a big challenge but meeting real authors inspires them to want to write so why not let us help you spark their imaginations and let's get them writing. 


Who knows you might even have the next JK Rowling in your class


Who are we?




Ton Tash & Pojo tight crop




We are scribbling sisters Tonya Meers and Natasha Dennis, award winning authors of a range of stories about Pojo, a little dog with itchy paws who goes on adventures whilst teaching children about curriculum topics.




“I liked Pojo and I liked doing my story map, it really help me write my story.”   Ryan Year 2


“My favourite bit of the day was doing the story maker. I liked telling my story and the storymaker helped me to put my story together.” Payton Year 2


“I really liked doing my plan it really helped me to write my story and I’ll use the plan again.” Erin Year 2


 Children from Foxhills School. 


“It was the children’s reactions to the whole concept that made my day. It helped with literacy, creativity, storytelling, concentration and fine motor skills and it was engaging and fun for everyone.”
 Eifron Watkinson, Asst Head of Addington Special School.

 “That was the most fantastic lesson I have ever had!”  Child aged 8 at Shalborne School


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Our School Workshops


Story Writing

Meeting authors really inspires children because they can see we're really  just ordinary people, so they can be like us too. As authors we have developed our own 7 step model for writing stories. We inspire students to write their own stories by using our experiences. These sessions are very interactive. We usually start with reading of one our stories. This can be chosen to fit in with your current topic. These workshops can be a great start to a writing competition as Jill Stevens from Collingbourne School found out when she had double the normal number of entries. We can help support you in running the competition if you wish, just let us know. 




Can you link to our topic?

Yes, our stories cover a range of popular topics and we can adapt other stories to suit your needs.

How does this fit with the National Curriculum?

All our workshops fit with the English curriculum and improve speaking and listening. Also if you choose a workshop using one of our stories we will give you one of our Creative Literacy Resource Packs with additional lesson plans with all the curriculum areas shown plus the learning objectives and outcomes.

Can the whole school get involved?

Absolutely! We do many workshops for whole schools. We usually start with a storytelling session for all then split into smaller groups, throughout the day. Call us to discuss your requirements and numbers on 01488 468901

Can we invite parents?

Yes it's great for parents to join us at the end of the day to see what we have been up to.We are also happy to do book signings so the children can have a momento of our visit.

Are you DBS checked?

Yes and we are happy to sign safeguarding policies.

Are you insured?

Yes we are fullly insured. P1060999_cropped

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